Will Computers Replace Pencils?

Published: 11th June 2010
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In this technological age, you may sometimes wonder whether or not computers will replace our need for pencils and traditional writing instruments. In this article, we'll discuss this topic in further detail and we'll give you some information about pencils, which have been a staple as far as writing utensils go, up until now. And we'll answer the common question: "Will computers replace pencils?" Keep reading to find out our answer.

Many people predicted the early demise of the traditional pencil, in the late 1800s when typewriters began surfacing and becoming more and more popular, however, pencils have remained a staple with millions produced each year, while typewriters are practically obsolete (well, not technically, but typewriters are rarely used anymore except to teach keyboarding in schools or for various office purposes), but the pencil has now, outlasted and surpassed the use and popularity of typewriters.

Pencils have been in existence for almost 400 years. While computers have only been around in the form of a personal computer since the 80s, these machines have managed to make some major headway as far as popularity and usage. And since the invention of personal computers, the use of pencils may have dwindled down quite a bit. However, pencils still remain a part of everyday life. These utensils made from soft wood and graphite offer a convenient, built-in delete button, which is the eraser. Let's take a look at some of the jobs that we still need a pencil to complete.

Pencils are primarily used in school, work, and home settings. And while computers can be used in these and a number of places, as well, the pencil still remains more easily transportable (drop it in your pocket or to carry the pencil around). This option is better than dealing with a bulky computer or carrying around a laptop that doesn't hold a charge. So, pencils are still easier to carry around than computers and don't require a charge, which helps improve their staying power. Taking notes with a pencil is a much more accessible way to go rather than using a computer.

Several occupations, today still use custom pencils throughout a typical work week. And there are several tasks a computer could not be used for that would be perfect for a pencil to handle. For one example, carpentry or construction requires the use of a pencil. After measurements have been taken for building or constructing, a pencil must be used to make these carefully measured marks that allow for exact precision.

Schools still require the use of pencils by students for many purposes including homework, math problems, tests and more. And for the time being, without No. 2 pencils standardized tests would not be handled in the same way. Pencils are still necessary for many of these tests, even today. If pencils were to be eliminated, the entire standardized test system would need to be completely re-done and to be compatible with computers, which would cost more money than most school budgets would allow and take more time and research than we currently have available, as well.

Therefore, while computers have decreased the amount of time we may use pencils, we've come to conclude that computers will never completely replace pencils, at least not for some time. Pencils are still handier for jotting down quick notes, doing homework, performing certain work-related tasks, and a variety of other tasks, as well. Don't expect computers to completely eliminate our need for pencils. For its multitude of uses and tasks, pencils will remain a writing utensil staple for years and years to come.

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